2015 Delinquent Property Tax Bills

2015 Property Tax Delinquents

Bill NumberMap NumberNameProperty AddressAccount Balance (Including $5 Publication Fee)
46MT1-00-04-021.00Baker Mike and Jenny352 Taylor St132.79
48MT1-00-04-008.00Bandy Ralph213 Woodcock St82.33
49MT1-00-04-007.00Bandy Ralph211 Woodcock St67.54
50MT1-00-04-006.00Bandy Ralph209 Woodcock St51.88
133MT1-00-35-034.00Cameron Gordon Scott JR and Rachel242 Woodbury Loop135.40
149MT4-00-00-001.00MH1Cardwell Josh375 Sawmill Rd Lot #136.22
184MT1-00-07-007.00Clark Leonard and Dorothy139 Sunset Loop95.56
231MT1-00-16-005.00Cox Scott and Barbara503 N Main St135.40
241070-00-000-013.00Daugherty Keith and Mona0 Middle Ferry Rd39.70
251MT1-00-06-035.00Denton Jessica225 S Tyler St98.34
268MT1-00-12-019.00Dockery Glendel and Kathy324 Church St91.90
295MT1-00-12-015.00Drew Thomas and Melissa206 Clark St109.30
301MT1-00-06-009.00EC Group Ed Brown & Etc0 In Morgantown43.18
305El Azteca216 S Main St37.63
351MT1-00-03-015.00MH2Flener Craig43 Heritage Dr51.88
480MT1-00-29-006.00Harral Wanda Jean308 S Warren St168.46
483MT1-00-04-013.00Hart Terry410 Church St89.29
592MT3-00-00-008.00Howard Susie and Eugene664 Veterans Way108.09
594MT4-00-00-001.00MH11Hudson Lucian375 Sawmill Rd Lot #1134.48
671MT4-00-00-001.00MH5Jones Joseph375 Sawmill Rd Lot #0541.10
679MT1-00-09-008.00Kelly Anna405 N Tyler St78.85
687070-00-00-013.01Keown Randle368 Middle Ferry Rd118.00
858MT1-00-06-034.06Morris Hazel350 Teddy Ave36.40
893MT4-00-00-001.00MH12Overton Bill375 Sawmill Rd Lot #1246.66
1205MT4-00-00-001.00MH10Wilson Kim375 Sawmill Rd Lot #10 34.48
Last Modified: September 1, 2016