Quality of Life

Banner PlainDuring our survey period, 88% of participants labeled the City of Morgantown’s quality of life as Low. In this instance the quality of life was identified by the following definition: You, as a resident, are able to receive all services needed in order to live in this area. Services meaning shopping, restaurants, activities and any categories that you feel is needed to enjoy your place of living.


Obstacle 1: There is a negative perception from residents regarding their standard of living.

Obstacle 2: There is little communication between government agencies and entities in the City.

Obstacle 3: The City does not actively participate or sponsor many community gatherings/events.

Obstacle 4: Over 90% of all Blighted conditions are those of Landlord owned properties.

Obstacle 5: The majority of properties in Morgantown are rental homes.


Outlined Solutions:

Action Item 14:

Increase mobile home requirements, research the need to classify mobile home types and restrict their presence to preauthorized zones of the City.

Purpose:               To increase the property values of residents

To combat the increase of blighted properties

To encourage responsible use of land

To improve the look and feel of the City’s neighborhoods

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 1.4, 1.7, 15.4, 15.8, 16.5, 17.2, 18.8, 20.4

Process: Collaborate extensively with the Planning and Zoning commission to research the authoritative powers of the City regarding classifying and zoning mobile homes. Create a classification system, determine what qualifies as standard housing within city limits, create zoning districts where mobile homes are qualified to be placed. Current mobile homes will be grandfathered in.

A mobile home permit will be created ensuring the home meets all qualifiers before being placed in preapproved districts.

Estimated Time: March 2015



Action Item 15:

Create a Summer Program called Movies in the Park

Purpose: To create activities for the community.

To draw the community to the City Park

To improve the sense of Community

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 10.2, 11.2, 11.3

Process: Create a program in which youth and family’s can enjoy family friendly films in our expansive park, free of charge. Allow area businesses to sponsor the events, provide advertisement opportunities for sponsorships. Allow vendors to set up.

One afternoon per month (during summer season) will be chosen as potential dates. Business sponsorships will be available. Ads will be created for the businesses and displayed prior to the film showing.

Estimated Time: Summer Months



Action Item 16:

Apply for grant funding through the Land and Water Conservation Fund for Trail Funding

Purpose:               Utilize the City’s natural beauty and create green spaces for residents

Creates activities for Families to enjoy

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 1.6, 10.2, 10.5, 11.2, 11.3, 15.4, 16.2, 20.4,

Process: Collaborate with Trail Town committee to construct a grant application to be submitted. Research areas where trails could be made available. Incorporate community input and choose what type of trail would fit Morgantown’s aesthetic.

Estimated Time: April 2016


Action Item 17:

Create a plan for benches along Main Street utilizing the sidewalks and heavy pedestrian traffic along these routes. Research should be conducted as to the feasibility of lighting this main thoroughfare of the City.

Purpose:               Encourage use of the Main Street Sidewalk

Improve the gateway and main route through Morgantown

Improve safety for pedestrians

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 1.4, 3.10, 4.3, 15.5, 15.9, 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 20.4

Process: Seek sponsors for benches, nameplates recognizing sponsors will be affixed to the benches.

Research possible (if any) grant opportunities to lessen the immense cost of lighting Main Street. Current cost is $94,000.

Estimated Time: Sponsor will be sought during the year of 2016



Action Item 18:

Renew Cemetery Processes, create a historical ledger regarding the Morgantown Cemetery, allow the public to view data.

Purpose:               Streamline the process of purchasing a Cemetery Plot

To keep accurate records of the Cemetery

To keep a database so an accurate historical record can be kept

Improve the handling of Cemetery documents

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved:

Process: Utilize new Cemetery Computer Program to update and create cemetery records. Encourage Community to participate in creation of historical record. Creation of a form will be required.

Estimated Time: February 2016


Action Item 19:

Continue the efforts of the Morgantown Clean Up Program.

Purpose:               Continue efforts to sustain improvements due to the Clean Up Program

Create an environment in which the community takes pride in living.

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 7.1, 16.5, 17.2, 18.8

Process: Collaborate extensively with the Planning and Zoning commission to update relevant ordinances to improve the Morgantown Clean Up process involving blighted properties, abandoned vehicles and yards filled with debris. Involve the Code Enforcement Officer in all manner of tactics to improve the wellbeing and property values of residents. Creation of a tiered system regarding fines and other penalties should be assessed. Primary focus should be given to the main thoroughfares in the City. Community involvement should be highly encouraged.

Step 1: Work directly with the Planning and Zoning Board to amend the current ordinance to allow posting of notices on properties.

Step 2: Involve the Code Enforcement officer in the procedures needed to expedite the process.

Step 3: Continue to monitor progress regarding blighted properties.

         Estimated Time: In Progress, throughout 2016


Action Item 20:

Research the feasibility of incorporating the International Property Maintenance Code into City Policy.

Purpose:               The IPMC is recommended by the KY Fire Marshalls office

Provides a set of regulations to maintain properties, buildings and homes

Comprehensive Plan Goals Achieved: 1.4, 1.7, 15.4, 15.8, 16.5, 17.2, 18.8, 20.4

Process:  The International Property Maintenance Code will be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission in their January Meeting to explore the feasibility of incorporating the policy into the City. Included as Appendix F

Estimated Time: Present to the P&Z Commission January 2016


Other Quality of Life Initiatives:

Utilization of Main Street for Street Fairs

Encouragement of Art installations and Murals

Encourage Developers (Retail and Housing) to invest in the Community

Encourage Cooperation between government agencies located in the County

Encourage businesses to locate in the downtown region

Utilize the City’s abilities and facilities to assist and encourage community events

Utilize existing Recycling Infrastructure to create a more in depth program

Last Modified: January 17, 2016