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The Morgantown Renaissance Project is the initiative for the City of Morgantown for 2016. A result of research from multiple agencies and input from over 300 members of the community. The City will focus on three categories, Downtown Development, Infrastructure needs, and increasing the Quality of Life. All initiatives are a part of the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Morgantown.
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Main Street Renaissance
Click the Links below for your own copy of our Plan, Timeline, Survey, or Presentation.

 The Plan          Timeline          2015 Survey          Renaissance Powerpoint

TimelineThe Morgantown Renaissance Project is a multifaceted approach to combat blight, rid the City of decaying infrastructure and increase the Quality of life for the community. The Project contains the Downtown Development and Revitalization Plan, a survey of over 200 community members and a timeline of initiatives, or Action Items, for 2016.

Click the image to the left to see what the City is doing this month, or click “Timeline” above to download your own copy. A copy of The Plan, the 2015 Survey and a Presentation are also available for download.





An Initiative by The City of Morgantown

Last Modified: January 16, 2016