Butler County residents are currently served by two water providers; Morgantown Utilities Commission (inside city limits) and Butler County Water System Inc. Water service in the City of Morgantown is fairly extensive. Public water is currently available to approximately 91 percent of Butler County’s population based on 2010 census counts.


Warren Rural Electric Co-Op Corporation (Warren RECC), a member owned and operated Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) distributor, provides electrical services to the City of Morgantown and Butler County.

TVA offers the Valley Investment Initiative program to offer competitive incentives to eligible customers who make multi-year commitments to invest in the Tennessee Valley. For more information about TVA economic development programs see http://www.tvaed.com/vii/.

Residential Rate Schedule

Non- Residential Electric Rate Schedule


The Morgantown Utilities Commission operates a sanitary sewer system for the residents of the City of Morgantown, as gravity permits. Public sewer is currently available to approximately 800 customers.

Natural Gas

The Morgantown Utilities Commission services natural gas to approximately 1,160 total connections inside and outside city limits.

Morgantown Utilities
Superintendent- Randall Gaskey
PO Box 417
Morgantown, KY 42261
Office- (270) 526-3623

Last Modified: May 14, 2014