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City completes new Entrance Signage

The City of Morgantown has completed Phase 1 of the Gateways plan which consisted of a new entrance sign at the intersection of South Main St and the I-165 northbound exit ramp. This new signage will include seasonal plantings in the front with long-term plantings on the sides and back. The new sign and landscaping were included in the 2020-21 budget cycle. City gateways have been a focus of the previous and current budget, with revamped signage, way-finding signage, landscaping and streetscape grants included in the funding package.

“The City of Morgantown understands that to be attractive to new residents and visitors, we must make a good first impression” says Mayor Billy Phelps.

The signage was constructed by Signature Signs of Bowling Green, Ky and the landscaping was completed by Thomas Edmonds Landscaping of Morgantown. In Phase 2 of the Gateways plan, the previous entrance signage will be transferred to a Trail Town certification sign.