Land Use

The City of Morgantown is comprised of approximately 2,137 acres. Predominate city land use is housing which comprises the largest developed acreage with 529 acres on 664 parcels. This represents almost 25% of the total acreage in Morgantown. The majority of this use is located north of the Parkway between Highways 231 and 70. Single family residences far exceeds multifamily in acreage occupied and number of parcels. Manufactured housing, a subcategory of single family residential, is located on individual lots throughout the city, except for a mobile home park located off Highway 70 near the interchange.

Undeveloped with 92 parcels encompassing 522 acres, or 24% of the total land is the second largest land use. Some of this category is un-developable because of topography, floodplain or other circumstances.

Industrial use is primarily located near the Natcher Parkway KY 70 Interchange and totals 324 acres (15%) on 16 parcels. Commercial use is scattered throughout the city along well traveled streets and roads and near residential areas. The most concentrated area of commercial usage is in the downtown area. Commercial use comprises 239 acres (11%) on 185 parcels.

The remaining uses of community/institutional, government, and recreation are located throughout the city. It is estimated that streets, highways, Natcher Parkway and the interchange comprises 237 acres, which includes right-of-way. The total floodplain area within the city limits is estimated at 116 acres, which is included in previous parcel data.

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