Morgantown Cleanup

The Morgantown Clean Up Project is a joint effort between City Hall, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the community. In this new initiative the City is incorporating the use of existing Nuisance, Blight, and Zoning laws to improve the look of the City with the goal of instilling pride in the area community. The project’s end goal is to reinvigorate the City’s commitment to the community and beautify existing properties.

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Goals of the Program

  • Owner Maintained Properties
  • Trash Pick Up
  • Clean Up Days
  • Community Participation
  • Active Enforcement
  • Recycling Bin Usage
  • Regular Review of Ordinances
  • Proactive Government
  • Correcting Blighted and Abandoned Buildings
  • Grants for Beautification

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The Morgantown Clean Up Project is a product of the City of Morgantown.