Penalty Procedures

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High Grass 

$50 Fine per day

Sent Certified Letter> Given 10 days to comply> 10 days of fines if not corrected ($500 total)> City mows at the conclusion of 10 days> Lien is filed for charges, cost to mow, lien and attorney fees.


Garbage and Noise

$50 Fine per day

Sent Certified Letter after complaint or seen> City Council member or Zoning Administrator check to make sure complaint is valid after 14 days> 10 days of fines if not corrected (500 dollars total)> City cleans/corrects issue at conclusion of 10 days> Summoned to court by Zoning Administrator or City Clerk


Abandoned or Non-functioning Vehicle

$50 Fine per day

Allowed to remain on property for 14 days> Lien holder/Property owner is sent certified letter> Owner has 45 days to remedy situation while fines accrue>

If corrected during the 45 days all fines are voided

If not corrected during this period fines amount to $2,250> City has authority to take and sell/store vehicle> Lien is filed for charges, costs to City for removal/storage, lien and attorney fees.

Blighted Housing/Buildings

A Citation is given by Police and/or Zoning Administrator allowing up to 60 days for correction of violation.

$50 per day charge until corrections have been made (City can allow up to 60 days for correction without fines)

Citizen can appeal charges to the Blight Appeals Committee

City can correct issues/tear down property if immediate danger is suspected.

Charges, fees are to be assessed on the following years City Property Tax

Lien can be subjected if not paid on Tax Bill


The Morgantown Clean Up Project is a product of the City of Morgantown