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Morgantown Trail Town

The City of Morgantown, an official Trail Town, hosts several events on the Green River throughout the year. The season typically begins with the largest event: the Green River Ramble during the first Saturday of June. The Green River has several locations available to begin your kayaking and boating adventures, including Woodbury Dock, Morgantown Dock and Rochester Dock. Our events are adult and kid-friendly with a very easily-traveled waterway.

2024 Green River Catfish Festival Challenge and Float

The Green River Challenge and Float is held the weekend of the Green River Catfish Festival. Come enjoy a paddle on the Green River and stay for the festivities. A list of festival events can be found on the City of Morgantown, KY website.

The course is NOT a bottom out risk, all boats are welcome.

The Challenge will be split into two divisions, with a cash prize for each division $200 for 1st Place; $100 for 2nd Place; and $50 for 3rd Place.

The divisions are:

-Recreational Kayak: includes any solo kayaks under 14 feet and made of plastic;

-Unlimited Boats: includes any kayaks that don’t fit into the Recreational Kayak division, canoes, and any other boats powered only by paddle/peddle.

Everyone is also welcome to come join us for the float.

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