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Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Morgantown was created by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Community, it was submitted on April 30, 2015. The Plan is required under Kentucky Revised Statutes. This Renaissance Plan uses the Comprehensive Plan’s goals as the basis of its initiatives including:

Goal 1: Strengthen and diversify the economic base of the City of Morgantown

  • Increase the capita income of the City and increase the number and availability of quality jobs
  • Revitalize downtown Morgantown to fully realize its commercial potential and to preserve its role as the heart of the county
  • Better utilize tourism opportunities including: Green River, City Park, Catfish Festival, Harvest Festival, Annual Tractor Show, Downtown Concert Series, Local Restaurants.
  • Promote a Farmer’s Market
  • Encourage Small Business development, particularly in the Downtown area.

Goal 2: Develop and Maintain a Skilled Workforce

  • Support and encourage school systems to provide adequate educational facilities for youth education as well as continuing adult education.
  • Encourage cooperative planning between the City and the school systems to accommodate future growth.

Goal 3: Develop and Maintain a transportation system that will provide for the efficient, safe, convenient, and coordinated movement of people and goods

  • Encourage the development and improvement of “gateways” to provide entrances to the City that encourage the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

Goal 4: Work with the KY Transportation Cabinet and the BRADD in the development of road improvements

  • Develop and implement a tourist information and directional signage system in cooperation with the KY Transportation Cabinet and Tourism Development Cabinet to enable visitors to reach tourism and other recreational destinations.

Goal 5: Develop a City Roadway Improvement Plan to identify and prioritize construction and maintenance needs

  • Create short and long-term priority lists to dictate the use of Municipal Road Aid and City-directed transportation funding.

Goal 7: Encourage the development of a diversified supply of safe, decent, and affordable standard housing

  • Reduce or eliminate sub-standard housing or dilapidated housing and seek funds for the revitalization of deteriorating neighborhoods through redevelopment projects and other government grant programs.

Goal 10: Maintain and improve Recreational Opportunities

  • Establish an Open Space and Green Space Plan to identify current park and recreation programs and facilities and to identify opportunities for the expansion of recreation offerings.
  • Research the feasibility to staffing a full-time Parks and Rec position.
  • Encourage the preservation of green space in the downtown district.

Goal 11: Ensure the availability of adequate programs and facilities to provide for the you in the community

  • Develop programs and facilities that will provide youth the opportunities for recreation, physical fitness, mentoring and other activities to stimulate their social, physical, and mental needs.
  • Develop or expand programs and activities for teenagers and young adults.

Goal 12: Develop and maintain a solid waste management system

  • Encourage and increase recycling efforts and facilities within the City.

Goal 14: Utilize resources to improve the standard of living for Morgantown Residents

  • Continue to develop and expand the leadership base in the community.
  • Increase the number of volunteers and active participants in the effort to improve the City of Morgantown.
  • Improve communication between governments, agencies, and civic organizations within Morgantown to encourage cooperation, prevent duplication of efforts, and to maximize the use of limited financial and human resources.

Goal 15: Maintain the “hometown character” and improve the quality of life of Morgantown while accommodating growth and development

  • Seek federal and state assistance in the revitalization of the downtown district and all historic sites throughout the city.
  • Promote the development of streetscapes such as walkways, lighting and vehicular parking lots in historic preservation areas that are accessible and compatible with the surrounding buildings and landscape.
  • Promote the creation of programs and facilities that promote the cultural segments of Morgantown’s rich heritage and provide for the establishment and location of specialized centers for community activities. Special consideration should be given to Morgantown’s cultural history, promoting the work of local musicians, acting groups, and artisans.
  • Increase retail opportunities within the community.
  • Provide facilities in the downtown area, including benches, tables, and drinking fountains, that encourage residents to congregate.

Goal 16: Create a pristine and clean community for improved image and presentation by removing dumpsites, abandoned cars, dilapidated buildings, and other blighted conditions and by preventing future eyesores

  • Undertake downtown beautification and revitalization in the City of Morgantown utilizing programs that encourage and assist redevelopment.
  • Work with local civic organizations to form partnerships for shared responsibility in downtown beautification efforts.
  • Make entrances to Morgantown more attractive and inviting.
  • Examine the possibility of design specs in downtown areas.
  • Examine the feasibility of implementing code enforcement to protect, promote, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

Goal 17: Protect the natural beauty of the City of Morgantown in order to maintain and improve the City as a place of residence and destination

  • Examine the feasibility of implementing code enforcement to protect, promote, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

Goal 18: Encourage the location and development of different land uses in the most appropriate manner

  • Implement open space and landscape buffers between residential and commercial or industrial uses.
  • Encourage the redevelopment of vacant facilities and buildings.

Goal 20: Preserve the environmental integrity of the natural, cultural, and physical resources of the City of Morgantown

  • Identify, recognize and restore historically significant sites and structures.

There are many other goals mentioned in the comprehensive plan but for this particular initiative we will focus our efforts on those listed above.