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Brush/Leaf Pickup

Please ensure all rules (listed below) are followed prior to requesting a pickup.

Brush/Leaf Pickup Request

Rules regarding City Roadside Pickup

  • Pickup will be on Mondays and Fridays
  • Yard Waste includes grass clippings, sweepings, and pruning from trees and shrubs
  • Yard waste must be cut to lengths not exceeding 5 feet and each limb should not be wider than 6 inches
  • Smaller limbs should be bundled
  • In the City of Morgantown brush must be stacked neatly and placed curbside for pickup
  • The City will pick up as much as 3 cubic yards of brush
  • The City will only pick up brush that has been cut or trimmed by the homeowners (Any contracted, Lawn Service, Landscaper, or individual doing the work for the homeowner is required to dispose of all brush themselves.)