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City Park

The Charles Black City Park and Athletic Complex is currently closed for renovations.

We apologize for the inconvenience but are very much looking forward to our brand new park! Coming Spring 2022

Reserving a Pavilion

The City of Morgantown has five (5) pavilions located at the City Park of various sizes. Pavilions are free of charge to reserve but do require a Reservation Form that can be picked up from City Hall. Reservations can be made in person or over the phone at 270-526-3557.

Ball Fields and Courts

The City of Morgantown possesses:

  • four (3) Baseball fields,
  • two (4) soccer fields (one practice only),
  • six (6) tennis courts,
  • two (2) basketball courts,
  • two (2) volleyball courts,
  • and an amphitheater.

All can be reserved free of charge. Reservation slips are available at City Hall.

City Park Facilities

1. Tennis Courts
2. Volley Ball Courts
3. Practice Soccer Field
4. Soccer Field
5-8. Baseball/Softball Fields
9. Disc Golf Course
10. Pool and Pool House
11-13. Parking Lots
14. Community Center
15. Concession Stand
16. Pavilion #1
17. Pavilion #3
18. Ross Melton Pavilion
19. Pavilion #2
20. Small Pavilion

Community Center

The Eva J. Hawes Ag Expo and Community Center is used for municipal meetings and is also available for renting purposes. For more information use the link below.

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Download & Print Map

Park Master Plan