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Community Center

The Eva J. Hawes Ag Expo and Community Center is used for municipal meetings and is also available for renting purposes. The building is equipped with a large arena area, kitchen, and community room facilities.

Address & Rental

The physical address of the Community Center is:

363 Park Lane,
Morgantown, KY 42261

To rent, download the following application and send to City Hall.

Download Application

Rental Rates

Fee Schedule For All Users
4 HoursAll Day
Commercial Groups$275 + $50 each additional hour$425
Family or Private Groups$125 + $25 each additional hour$175
Non-Profit Groups$75 + $25 each additional hour$125
Local Agriculture Groups$25 Opening Charge Rental Free$25 Opening Charge Rental Free
Gold Sponsor Groups$25 Opening Charge Rental Free (2 uses/Year$25 Opening Charge Rental Free (2 uses/Year

Building Details

  • The Building has a capacity of 1221 persons.
  • 14 Round Tables (5 ft diameter)
  • 16 Rectangular Tables (8 ft length)
  • 165 Chairs
  • Wifi, Flat Screen Television, and Sound System upon Request.