Butler County is a rural county with 81% of all housing units located in the county and 19% of all units located within the limits of the City of Morgantown. Based upon the 2010 Census, there are approximately 8,877 housing units in Butler County with 1,113 or 19% of all units located in the City of Morgantown. Overwhelmingly, the most popular housing choice for those in the City of Morgantown is single-family detached homes, with nearly 60% of all housing represented by this type.

Between the years of 2000 and 2010, the total number of housing units in the City of Morgantown decreased by 3%. However, during this time period, the number of vacant housing units increased by 8%, reflecting an overall loss of population. Morgantown has seen a decrease in the number of mobile home units over the same time period.


The occupancy status for both Butler County and the City of Morgantown has been steady despite the national housing crisis occurring in the mid-to- late 2000s. As of 2010, roughly 86% of all houses in Butler County were occupied. The total stock of housing grew between the years of 2000 and 2010, despite a decline in population. In response to the change in population, Butler County and Morgantown experienced a 1% increase in vacant housing between the years of 2000 and 2010.

Census Data 2000MorgantownButler Co.Total% Total
Census Data 2010MorgantownButler Co.Total% Total

 Types of Housing

There are many different housing types in use in Morgantown. Housing within Morgantown is dominated by single unit detached housing, with around 57% of houses in 2010 being of this type.

Since 2000, Morgantown has seen an increase in the number of 10-19 unit homes, or apartment complexes, with the percentage of units of this type increasing from 7% to 13%.

Mobile homes have seen a decrease from 17% to 10% over the same period of time. This suggests Morgantown is seeing an increase in individuals living in single family homes and larger multi-family dwellings rather than mobile homes.

Age of Current Housing Units

The housing units in Morgantown have clear age clusters. Nearly half of the houses in the City of Morgantown were built in a period from 1970 to 1989. This represents 560 housing units. Nearly 30% of the houses in Morgantown, or 344 units, were built in a period from 1950 to 1969. Slightly fewer than 11% of housing units in Morgantown were built before 1949. This data shows nearly 89% of all homes in Morgantown were constructed before 1990. This could be an issue for city residents in terms of energy efficiency, meeting building codes, and home repair costs. Morgantown has shown relatively slow home construction rates, with only 3.5% of Morgantown homes being built since 2000. This is a slower construction rate than was seen in the 1990s, when 7.8% of the housing units in Morgantown were constructed.

Year Structure BuiltNumberPercent
2005 or later211.80%
2000 - 2004201.70%
1990 - 1999907.80%
1980 - 198928524.50%
1970 - 197927523.70%
1960 - 196920817.90%
1950 - 195913611.70%
1940 - 1949917.80%
1939 or earlier353.00%

Future Needs

The housing supply of Butler County and the City of Morgantown appear to be sufficient to meet the needs of the current population. Population trends predict a decline in the population of both Butler County and the City of Morgantown over the next ten years. A major increase in the housing supply should not be needed in the City of Morgantown, however, newer housing may be needed to replace aging structures.

While the current number of housing units may be sufficient to meet population projections, it should be taken into consideration that the aging population of Butler County might require additional housing facilities beyond those currently available.