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Emergency Services

Morgantown’s emergency services divisions.

Morgantown Police Department

The Morgantown Police Department provides police protection to the City of Morgantown.

Phone: (270) 526-2040
For All Emergencies Dial: 911

Police Officers

Detention Facilities

Butler County owns and operates a full-service jail with a 36-inmate capacity. The current facility opened in 1986. The jail offers structure programs for inmates to increase community readiness, including a work release program, GED and substance abuse programs, and religious services.

Fire Protection

There are 6 volunteer fire departments that serve Morgantown and Butler County. Volunteer firemen also serve as first responders in emergency situations. These departments are: Morgantown VFD, Gilstrap/Rochester VFD, Second District FD, Third District FD, Fourth District FD, and Fifth District FD.

The Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department primarily provides fire protection and rescue services for residents within the Morgantown city limits and adjacent unincorporated areas. In 2012, the Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department responded to 279 calls for service. The 25 member department operates 5 vehicles: one tanker, two pumpers, one brush fire vehicle, and one rescue vehicle.

Phone: (270) 526-3815
For All Emergencies dial: 911