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Resident Resources

How Can We Help? ⇒

Despite our small size, the City of Morgantown prides itself on being able to offer amenities that some much larger municipalities in our region do not have. The City offers free transportation in City limits with our MOGOshuttle bus. Additionally, the City has its own bike share program and kayak rental service, named MOGObikes and MOGOkayaks respectively. We also offer modern parks including our City Park and Athletic Complex, City Pool and most recently our Bark Park. Continuing our park expansion, the City will be constructing a dock and kayak launch on our riverfront property in addition to a new Farmer’s Market Pavilion. Lastly, the City is very excited about our new Pocket Park being constructed downtown!

City History

An overview of the History of our town.

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Emergency Services

Learn about Morgantown’s police, public and fire services. For all emergencies, dial 911.

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