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Healthcare Facilities


There are no hospitals located in Butler County, however, there are 3 hospitals within 30 miles of Morgantown:

Ohio County Hospital – Hartford, KY – 24 miles
Greenview Regional Hospital – Bowling Green, KY – 27 miles
The Medical Center at Bowling Green – Bowling Green, KY – 27 miles

Emergency Services

Emergency medical services made 2,337 runs in the year 2012.

The Butler County Ambulance Service operates in conjunction with the Butler County Emergency Operation Center. There is 1 ambulance station containing 5 ambulances in Morgantown and Butler County.

The service is staffed by 4 full-time paramedics and 4 full time EMTs. Additional ambulances, paramedics, and EMTs are provided as needed from Bowling Green and Beaver Dam. Services include air medical from the EMS/Air Medical substation at The Medical Center in Bowling Green. Other services include a language phone line for non-English speaking residents.  911 dispatching is provided through the Emergency Operation.

Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center

Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center is located three miles off the William Natcher Parkway (at exit 26) and rests on the Green River.  Conveniently close to hospitals and medical offices, this 122-bed skilled nursing facility offers a variety of comprehensive programs and services such as in-patient therapy and out-patient therapy, Rehab to Home Program on its own floor with 16 private rooms, Quality of Life activities program, Chaplain Program, and a secure unit for dementia care.

The facility has a tremendous volunteer base that offers extensive socialization opportunities for the residents. Morgantown’s friendly staff is dedicated in helping each resident reach their goals and achieve the highest level of functioning.

For more information about admission into our home please contact the facility at the link below.

Go to Morgantown Care

Butler County Health Department

The Butler County Health Department is operated by the Barren River District Health Department (BRDHD). Services include:

  • Communicable Disease Prevention
  • Community Health Improvement
  • Community Health Promotion
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Environmental Health Services
  • Providing Health Information

The Clinical Services branch offers a wide variety of clinical services including immunizations, physical exams, cancer prevention counseling, family planning, various health testing, and numerous screenings.

Other Health Services

Locally, there are two oral health facilities, seven general healthcare facilities, and one optometrist in Morgantown. Butler County has been designated as “medically underserved,” indicating that the county has a shortage of medical professionals.

Butler County Senior Center

The Butler County Senior Center is located in the Morgantown Fire Station building, and offers the following services:

  • Health Promotion, Risk Assessment, and Medication Management:
    Programs designed to maintain or improve a person’s health and wellbeing through events like evidence- based exercise programs, health screenings, and educational classes.
  • Friendly Visiting:
    Making visits to seniors homes to check on their wellbeing and provide socialization.
  • Telephone Reassurance:
    Making calls to seniors to check on their wellbeing and provide socialization.
  • Outreach:
    Contacting seniors to encourage participation at the senior center.
  • Transportation:
    Limited transportation is available to take seniors to and from the senior center, to and from doctor’s appointments, and when funding is available, shopping trips and other activities.
  • Public Education:
     Community events, advertisements, and other means of educating the public about the services offered through the Senior Center and to encourage participation.
  • Congregate Meals:
    Meals provided during lunch time five days per week at the Senior Center for eligible participants.
  • Home Delivered Meals:
    Meals delivered to homebound seniors who qualify that are otherwise unable to attend the center due to their health conditions or other factors.