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Vision & Goals

The City of Morgantown is a vibrant, thriving community rooted in our heritage, and flourishing in opportunities for citizens of all ages who take pride in themselves and in their community.

Morgantown Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan is a policy guide for decisions concerning the physical development in Morgantown, that looks at Morgantown over a twenty year period.

It is a vision of what the community wants to look like in the future and provides the framework for orderly growth and development to achieve that vision. The plan must be updated every five years the community has the opportunity to review and reconsider the direction of the plan.

View Comprehensive Plan

Our mission for Morgantown

  • Creating a community where our citizens can find meaningful employment;
  • Promoting a healthy, safe, clean, drug-free environment where our quality of life is protected;
  • Encouraging all citizens and officials to improve Morgantown’s physical appearance and have well maintained businesses, homes, and property;
  • Passionately preserving our culture and heritage while showcasing our resources, talents, and location;
  • Providing outstanding educational opportunities that enrich lives and prepare all citizens for a successful transition to their life’s work;
  • Encouraging our current and future businesses to provide our citizens with “shop at home”needs while promoting a family-oriented atmosphere; and
  • Working in partnership with our county, industries, businesses, churches, schools, and organizations.